Ring Of Honor TV Taping Results For 12/15 (Philadelphia, PA) *Spoilers*

Show 1- airs Jan 2019 

Jeff Cobb def Luchasaurus

The Elite In ring promo, did a t-shirt toss and joked about not wrestling on their last night here. The Bucks called for an 8 man tag and joked about letting Page and Cody wear their Rockers gear. Cody and Page said they lied, they had their gear. The Bucks picked Best Friends, Page picked Lethal, Cody picked Flip as their opponents – might be for live crowd only 

Sumie Sakai & Jenny Rose def Sea Stars 

Chris Sabin, Flip Gordon, Marty Scurll and Dalton Castle came out for an in-ring promo. Ian Riccaboni says they’ll meet in a four corner survival match ‘tonight’, winner gets first title shot (against Lethal) at Honor Reigns Supreme. Ian calls for Lethal, but Taven comes out instead. He rips on each guy in the ring as to why they don’t deserve a shot at his title, including a dig at Marty for his friends bailing and not being invites to ‘Jacksonville’. Jay Lethal comes out and attacks him, then they are broken up. 

WOH Championship

Kelly Klein def Nikki Adams

  • Klein says any match is for her title. After the bell, Jenny Rose comes out and says she’ll see Kelly at Honor Reigns Supreme. She wants a street fight, Kelly accepts 

Christopher Daniels comes out and talks about losing at Final Battle, and teases leaving. He goes over some career highlights, including winning the ROH World Championship. Daniels puts over the fans for pushing them to be the best. He says goodbye, then Joe Koff comes out and says Daniels showed how much he cared about ROH by defending Cary Silkin. Koff offers a new contract and a hug, but Shane Taylor attacks. Taylor hits Daniels with a chair and tears the contract up, then stuffs it in Daniels’ mouth. Daniels is helped from the ring.   

Dalton Castle def Chris Sabin, Marty Scurll & Flip Gordon

  • Castle challenges Jay Lethal at Honor Reigns Supreme. Lethal came out and shook Castle’s hand. 


Show 2

Zack Sabre Jr def Tracy Williams

Dr Britt Baker & Madison Rayne def Twisted Sisters

ROH World Tag Team Championship

The Briscoes (c) def SCU to retain 

  • started by throwing chairs at each other. Plenty of near falls. Ref bump saw SCU miss the pin, Briscoes hit a double team and Jay held Kaz’s feet while Mark pinned him. 


Show 3

Scurll comes out and says it’s time he gets a shot at the title —- The Kingdom cut him off and talked about how his friends left him. Marty says he made new ones, enter PCO and Brody King. 

Eli Isom def Facade 

Rush defeated TK O’Ryan 

  • Vinny and Taven attacked after the bell, ending with a triple chairshot / con-chair-to, but ends up getting up and walking away on his own 

Juice Robinson def PJ Black via disqualification 

  • Black threw the ref into the ropes to crotch Juice after he went to the top rope. Black knocked out the ref after the bell for the DQ was rung. Nick Aldis was out on commentary with Kamilla Kane for the match. Juice says he didn’t come all the way here to lose by DQ. He says they’ll see a lot more of him in ROH in 2019, and he wants to breathe new life into the company and bring back the ‘honor’ 

Shane Taylor def Mike Law

  • Taylor knocked Law down with a right handed punch at the bell, then hit a sitout piledriver for the win. Taylor cut a promo after the match, saying no one put him up to attacking Christopher Daniels. He said he did it himself because he’s a star. 


Flip Gordon came out for an interview with Colt Cabana, and talked about his plans for 2019. Kenny King interrupted and said Flip, Castle, Sabin and Scurll didn’t deserve title shots, and played three different angles of himself pinning Jay Lethal. King got in the ring and took a few more digs at Flip, then did a mic drop and left

Silas Young def Beer City Bruiser 

  • Bruiser said they needed to fight, and asked for the stipulation. Several chairs, tables, the keg and zipties all came into play. Brian Milonas ended up saving Bruiser and got him free of the zipties, but ended up getting slammed through a table on the floor from the turnbuckles. 

Villain Enterprises (Scurll, PCO, King) def Cheeseburger, Eli Isom & Ryan Nova 


HonorClub Exclusive 

Jay Lethal, Best Friends & Flip Gordon def The Elite 

  • Flip pinned Cody. Really fun match. Matt Jackson talked about their history in the 2300 Arena. He called this the most fun two years ever with ROH, and said he hopes their names will go in the rafters (in the Arena / Hardcore Hall of Fame banners). Bully Ray, The Briscoes, Silas Young and Shane Taylor all came out and attacked, Bully taking exception to Matt’s remarks. Lethal, Best Friends and Flip tried to make the save, but ended up getting beaten down. Bully laid into all of them and the fans, screaming screw Bullet Club, screw The Bucks and screw Cody. He got into it with a few fans and asked what happened to the (Superkick) Party? Jay told the crowd to lick his balls, Colt Cabana ran in and attacked him, but quickly got beaten down. The group continued to talk some trash to the crowd, even as production shut the ring lights off.