TK O’Ryan On This Being The Right Time To Be A Wrestler, The Kingdom’s Ability To Gel As Performers

Photo Credit: Ring Of Honor/Corey Tatum

TK O’Ryan is gearing up for a major match against Rush at the next set of tapings, dubbed Final Battle fallout. O’Ryan spoke to The Wrestling Estate about how much of an exciting time this is for ROH and how he feels he got into the wrestling business at the right time. Below are some highlights:

TK O’Ryan On What This Exciting Time In Wrestling Means For ROH:

“It’s an exciting time of the year for Ring of Honor with guys’ contracts coming up, new guys are going to come in and some are going to leave,” O’Ryan says. “Then we’ve got this history-making event coming up in Madison Square Garden and other than the fact that we know we sold out Madison Square Garden, it’s all still up in the air.”

TK O’Ryan On Being Apart Of The Kingdom:

“We click because of our organic nature,” O’Ryan says. “Outside of wrestling, those are the guys I hang out with. Those are the guys I lean on. I’ve been to Vinny’s daughter’s birthday and Matt bought her a giant electric jeep to drive around. I’ve been to Matt’s family’s house in New Hampshire and met his friends from high school. They’ve come to my place as well.”

“Oddly enough, before Ring of Honor, I had never been in a six-man tag team match,” O’Ryan says. “But team sports have been in my blood for a long time. I’m the kind of guy you want on your team. If I’m on the opposing side, you probably hate me.”

TK O’Ryan On Getting Into Wrestling At The Right Time:

“I picked the right time to be a wrestler,” O’Ryan says. “It wasn’t a conscious decision – I got lucky. I just so happened to pick the wrestling school in the right place where there was a group of guys who were looking for a dude to run with. I also have to believe that you put in the work and put yourself in the position to be lucky.”

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