Update On WWE RAW Talents Battling Illnesses This Week

Photo Credit: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

Finn Balor isn’t the only talent on the WWE RAW roster going through illness this week.

As reported earlier, Balor was sent home early from WWE’s South American tour after going through an undisclosed illness before WWE took stage in Buenos Aires, Argentina over the weekend. Balor was not in attendance for RAW on Monday in Houston, TX either and word is that other talent are battling symptoms.

The Wrestling Observer (subscription required) is reporting that Bobby Roode has been having difficulty talking and Alexa Bliss is undergoing a bad cold, one that has given her a very weak voice, hence her reduced role during the Ronda Rousey / Nia Jax segment. Bliss was supposed to carry the segment, but due to her illness, Nia Jax took the reigns as the main speaker.

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