WWE RAW Preview For 12/10: Alexa’s Press Conference, Has Dean Ambrose Finally Gotten In Seth Rollins’ Head?

WWE RAW Preview

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Here are WWE.com’s official Quick Hits preview points for tonight’s RAW:

You can find WWE’s full preview HERE. We have included some excerpts below:

Has Dean Ambrose finally gotten inside Seth Rollins’ head? 

Not merely content with being the bane of Seth Rollins’ existence in the lead-up to their Intercontinental Championship showdown at WWE TLCDean Ambrose is determined to make his former Shield brother come unhinged. This past Monday night on Raw, Dean Ambrose strapped a gas mask to his face and enlisted a SWAT team to protect himself not only from pathogenic diseases, but also the illness he claims is exhibited by The Kingslayer.

Rollins attacked Ambrose and his personal security force, but ultimately succumbed to two Dirty Deeds.

Is Ambrose poised to become a three-time Intercontinental Champion?

Alexa Bliss to host pre-TLC press conference: 

As head of the Raw Women’s division, Alexa Bliss announced via Twitter that she will be holding a press conference this coming Monday in advance of the Raw Women’s Championship Match between Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax at WWE TLC.

WWE Universe members can submit their questions for the press conference using #AskAlexa.

How will The Goddess’ latest gambit play out? To find out, tune in to Monday Night Raw, live at 8/7 C on USA Network!