Part 2 Of New Japan Mini-Documentary Showcases AJ Styles’ Part In The History Of Bullet Club (Video)

wwe kingston

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

New Japan Pro-Wrestling posted the second part of their Bullet Club mini-documentary series to YouTube.

The second part is all about covering the timespan when the group was led by The Phenomenal AJ Styles.

AJ Styles himself credits his time in Japan for putting him on WWE’s radar.

Much like the Finn Balor part of this documentary, it is narrated by Kevin Kelly and it is a wonderful history lesson for those who may not know everything surrounding the very popular faction that currently is led by Jay White.

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After their violent birth, BULLET CLUB set out to conquer the world. Attracting the most talented, dangerous and aggressive wrestlers they took themselves to the top of New Japan Pro-Wrestling. Join us in this second retrospective of the history of BULLET CLUB.