Matt Riddle Talks UFC Firing In Newest Episode Of ‘ARRIVAL’ (Video), RAW Re-Signs On Latest ‘Battle Of The Brands’ (Video)

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons / ZekeDane

Episode 3 Of Matt Riddle’s ‘ARRIVAL’ (Video)

The WWE Performance Center posted the following video of Matt Riddle online:

On the way to Orlando Matt takes a beach day with his family, contemplating his future with WWE while reliving his past firing from UFC.

RAW Re-Signs On Latest ‘Battle Of The Brands’ (Video)

UpUpDownDown posted the following video online:

Injuries plague the Raw roster! Can GM Tyler Breeze find some quick replacements for his opening match without breaking the bank? And speaking of money, can SmackDown GM Austin Creed pull a fast one and sneak two Superstars with expiring contracts past the careful eyes of his rival?