Madison Rayne On Postponing Retirement, Going Back To Wrestling School, Balancing Wrestling & Family

Madison Rayne On Postponing Retirement & Going Back To Wrestling School

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Ohio native Madison Rayne was recently interviewed by the Coshocton Tribune and opened up about why she postponed retirement, going back to wrestling school, and never having worked with WWE. Highlights appear below.

On Postponing Her Retirement:

We made the decision it wasn’t quite time for me to retire yet. While I had done a lot, I had still left a few stones unturned and I wasn’t going to settle with closing this chapter until I had literally done everything I could in wrestling. I didn’t have in mind ‘I have to do this and I have to go here and I have to wrestle on this big stage.’ I just knew I wanted to make this chapter matter and be meaningful.

On Going Back To Wrestling School:

I literally went back to day one to reinvent and recreate who I was going to be in the ring. This year I’ve been everywhere and done just about everything. So I’m happy with the decision I made to keep going.

On Never Having Worked With WWE:

I got to a point where I was okay with that, but once this new journey started, I wasn’t okay with it. I really wanted to see what that world had to offer me and I could offer them.

On Competing At All In:

When I found out they were doing this show, I texted Cody [Rhodes] right away and said ‘I want to do it. I don’t know the specifics, I don’t know the date. I don’t know the location. But I want to be part of it.’ He said he had me factored into it already. I had so many feel good moments this year and that was one of them.

On Balancing Family Life With Wrestling:

Wrestling has really allowed me to live that dream, but be present in my other dream, which is to be a great wife and a great mom. I’m able to wear all of these hats and I said I will never fill up my plate so full that everything I do can’t have 100 percent of me at some point in time. I’m at a good place now where my plate is comfortably full.

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