The Young Bucks Named 2018 Apter Chat Tag Team Of The Year

The Young Bucks Named 2018 Apter Chat Tag Team Of The Year

Photo Credit: Ring of Honor

The Young Bucks join Cody Rhodes in receiving an inaugural 2018 Apter Chat Award.

The sensational tag team stars of All In were named the 2018 Apter Chat Tag Team of the Year. The duo were presented with award plaques by The Apter Chat hosts Bill Apter and Josh Shernoff.

Nick Jackson was honored by the recognition and gave credit to the fans, “It’s crazy what we’ve been able to accomplish, not just on our own. We feel like everything we accomplish is because of you fans. This is just another thing to add to the accomplishments we’ve been able to achieve.”

Matt Jackson was reflective in his acceptance, “We’ve been doing this for fifteen years now. We’ve been a team for most of that time, so it’s just fun to think about from the beginning and here we are now and people say that, ‘Hey the Young Bucks are one of the best tag teams of all time.’ To me, it makes me feel so good and getting awards like this means a lot. This is going to go in the office with our All In Titles [presented by Bill Apter at All In]. I have mine up in the office already.”

Readers may watch The Young Bucks’ acceptance below:

For those interested in listening to this week’s Apter Chat (featured below) the subject is Wrestlers That Scared The Hell Out Of You:

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