Steve Austin: If I Had Another WWE Match It’d Be Against Brock or Elias

Photo by George Napolitano/FilmMagic

On the latest episode of the Steve Austin Show, “Stone Cold” was asked which WWE superstars he’d like to have a match against if he was going to return to the ring. While he was absolutely not teasing any sort of return, Austin did have two names in particular that he would find interesting to compete against. Neither match is likely to happen, but it’s still quite the compliment to both guys.

Austin revealed that it would “be cool” to face off against Brock Lesnar since they’re very good friends, and that there’s an unfinished history between the two as Austin famously walked out of a planned television match against “The Beast Incarnate” back in 2002. The other name wound up being a newer star in Elias. Austin said he’d like to give Elias the rub because he thinks he’s “a very entertaining guy” that has all the ability to be a star from character work to in-ring prowess.

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