Jeff Hardy Discusses The Wear-And-Tear On His Body, Working With Samoa Joe, & How Much More He Has Left

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Jeff Hardy just celebrated 20 years in the WWE this past Tuesday on WWE SmackDown. Jeff Hardy has always been known for his daredevil antics which will always lend itself to questions of when it will be time for Jeff to retire. Jeff has also been through quite a lot of legal issues and as always come out on the other side a little bit wiser and a little bit more mature. Jeff Hardy recently spoke to ahead of a Texas live event about how much he has left in the tank, working with Matt Hardy at WrestleMania 25, working with Samoa Joe in the future and more. Below are some highlights:

Jeff Hardy On The Wear-And-Tear His Body Has Accumulated Over Time:

It takes a lot longer. Like that next day after Hell in a Cell was – wow. When I attempted the splash and I crashed through the table, and I got put on the stretcher, I didn’t realize how bad my ankle was until I got off the stretcher. I don’t know, I guess it was from adrenaline maybe or just from the fact I didn’t stand up immediately. But yeah, my ankle was so banged up for the next couple weeks.

But, overall, I’ve felt really good. My lower back, I’ve had some issues with that, and I’ve let off doing the Swanton Bomb at live events, and the Whispers in the Wind, I kind of take them away. And it helps, man, when you don’t do that every night it helps. I see my chiropractor every two weeks, and it helps out. But it’s pretty amazing how good I feel and how fast I heal still to this day.

Jeff Hardy On Sting’s Influence On His Face Paint:

Sting and The Ultimate Warrior. I think Sting more because it was different every time, and that’s why I am the way I am now. I’m very abstract anyways, and the Warrior it was just like a symbol on his face, just different colors. But Sting’s was different every time back then, and I’m sure that’s where I got it from.

Jeff Hardy On His WrestleMania 25 Match With Brother, Matt:

That’s my favorite for sure. Back when we were kids watching Bret and Owen Hart wrestle each other at [WrestleMania X], we finally got our brother-feud moment at WrestleMania.

I remember we were real rushed on time, too, but my favorite part about that match – well, there were two parts – Matt won, and I kept my defeated streak going. But then, we did the first-ever human sandwich is what I called the spot. He was on a table and then I put a table on top of him, and he trusted me enough to pull that off. So, that’s my favorite moment by far. And the Twist of Hate in the steel chair was really cool at the end of that match. But, yeah, that human sandwich was my favorite. And that’s probably my favorite Texas moment.

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Jeff Hardy On Working More With Samoa Joe In The Future:

We’ve worked a few times in WWE, but many times in TNA. Back then, we worked a lot. Same thing with A.J. [Styles]. And it’s cool to think back then what we were doing in TNA, and to see us now in WWE. And after that intense moment of him interrupting my celebration, it’s going to be a great feud. So, I’m looking forward to what’s going to happen in the weeks to come.

Jeff Hardy On Working House Shows:

The coolest for me is when I was, oh gosh, 7-10 years old – we were at a show in North Carolina – and Sting was coming out, this was an old NWA [National Wrestling Alliance] show, and I was able to touch his shoulder. And he had his face painted, his neon green tights on, and the blonde hair – and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I want to do that. I want to make somebody feel like he made me feel right now.’

So, like this Sunday for example, I’ll be in the back painting up in whatever image I have in my head, and my thing is I hope a kid kind of feels the way I felt back then when they see me, especially because I come out like a zombie when my eyes are closed because I do the eyelids on my eyes and just the moment in itself – one photo is worth a billion words and feelings.

Jeff Hardy On A Potential Retirement:

That’s one thing I don’t know. Because I truly do – especially like the Hell in a Cell match, and even now I have two beautiful daughters, a beautiful wife – but I truly do wrestle every match like it’s my last because even a live event like this Sunday in Arlington could be my last match. The craziest thing could happen within the blink of an eye and it could all be over.

So, when I say things like ‘this is far from a retirement speech,’ I really don’t know that because it could end at any moment. So, I just try to enjoy every match like it’s my last, and do what I love to do and that’s entertain the WWE Universe.

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