WWE RAW Roster Lining Up For Seth Rollins’ Open Challenge Tonight, UUDD Gets ‘Stunned’ (Video)

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

WWE RAW Roster Lining Up For Seth Rollins’ Open Challenge

A great deal of the WWE RAW roster’s eyebrows have perked up after Seth Rollins revealed earlier that he’ll be restarting the Intercontinental Challenge on tonight’s edition of RAW. Several have taken to social media to let “The Architect” know that they smell blood in the water, including 205 Live competitor Mustafa Ali.

Rollins was heralded for his impressive run of title defenses over the summer as his first run with the open challenge format gave way for some memorable moments.

Who would you like to see step forth tonight against Seth for that IC gold? Sound off in the comments below.

Personally, Mustafa Ali seems like an ultimate choice. He was given the opportunity to showcase his talents at Survivor Series with Buddy Murphy and only good things can come from Ali, one of the 205 Live brands brightest stars, being in the limelight yet again,

UUDD Gets ‘Stunned’ (Video)

UpUpDownDown shared the following video online:

The situation between the two shows comes to a head as Raw GM Ric Flair announces ZERO will defend the WWE Undisputed Championship in a six-man HELL IN A CELL! Can Austin defeat “Stone Cold” on his way to ARMAGGEDON?