Becky Lynch Takes A Shot At Shayna Baszler On Twitter, Baszler Responds

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Becky Lynch has been keeping the fire lit in her feud with Ronda Rousey despite the match being scrapped at Survivor Series. In the latest series of their war of words, Rousey commented on Lynch’s status on being in ‘Doctor Jail’, commenting on her inability to perform and ‘sitting on her ass to extend her title reign.’ Lynch, ever the clapback queen, responded in calling out Rousey and her fellow Horsewoman, NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler.

Here’s the caption and tweet below:

“I’ve never seen a judo ‘master’ get so easily thrown, Ronnie. I’m convinced you let one of your turkeys at the ranch peck these replies out. Which one of them wrote this one, Shayna?”

Baszler would eventually catch wind of the SmackDown Women’s Champion’s comment and quickly responded by stating that Lynch shouldn’t have name-dropped her in the first place:

“Don’t try to name drop me in this attention grab, I’m too busy holding down the division you couldn’t.

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