Enraged Taz Offers Scathing Critique Of Post-Survivor Series SmackDown Live

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ECW legend Taz began his weekly Taz Show podcast with the following warning, “I’m going to go over and talk about some SmackDown here in a second because this show pissed me off, to be frank. There will be comments in the show that definitely keep yours truly out of the WWE Hall of Fame.” Taz continued, “It’s disappointing and surprising because you go ahead and you watch SmackDown and you’re waiting for – Shane McMahon tweeted right after Survivor Series – we saw it, RAW beat SmackDown 6-0 excluding what New Day did on the pre-show gimmick, where they got the victory and you’re waiting because Shane tweeted about it. You’re figuring to yourself, as a wrestling fan that’s educated, you’re saying to yourself, ‘Well, gee-whiz golly what’s the deal-y-o here? I’m watching Survivor Series and see that RAW beats the living sh*t from a scorecard perspective out of SmackDown, I want to see what happens. I want to see the receipt. I want to hear about the shakeup we saw Shane tweet about. He said, ‘Something needs to change.’ We got nothing, guys. You watch fricking SmackDown, pay-off. No nothing.”

Taz took contention with the way the post-Survivor Series episode of SmackDown Live was booked, “Of course, you’ve got your trite Thanksgiving feast fight, to some degree. They’ve always got to do some stupid Thanksgiving thing, since I was working there. The sh*t is so annoying. I know they placate to younger fans, I get it. Even younger fans don’t think this is cool. Let’s be honest, it sucks. You sit there to what? Watch Cesaro get embarrassed and look like a schmuck because he had cranberries thrown all over him and Sheamus look like an idiot? So, you take these guys that have belts and make them look like idiots, great. What do you want to do? You want to take The Miz and make him look like an idiot where he’s begging Shane McMahon to team up with him?” Taz continues, “So we’ll embarrass Sheamus. We’ll embarrass Cesaro. We’ll embarrass The Miz. Shane will laugh it up. Everything’s funny. HAHAHA. HAHAHA. Meanwhile, you got beat 6-0 and SmackDown fans are pissed about it and the company is doing sh*t about it, nothing.”  Taz also took contention with The New Day’s 6-1 outfits, referring to their pre-show Survivor Series victory, “What the fu*k are we doing? That’s bad. That’s horrible.”

Taz commented on the way Rey Mysterio has been booked since returning to SmackDown, “Randy [Orton] beat Rey, which I don’t necessarily agree with that. Rey just got back and I just don’t know. I don’t understand and I know they did the steel chair around Rey’s neck and stuff and ran him into the ringpost and they had Orton get a ton of heat and all this sh*t and he stole Rey’s mask and the medical folks tended to Rey Rey, who was banged up. I love these two guys. I think they’re both awesome talents and I respect these guys, but give us something in the last segment where there’s some kind of shakeup, where Shane puts the hammer down or where we hear from Vince [McMahon]. Vince says something to Shane, something of substance to acknowledge that we’re gonna make some changes like you had Shane tweet about on Sunday freaking night. I don’t get this. I sat there and I invested two freaking hours in this show and I got nothing. It aggravates the sh*t out of me.” Taz continued, “I’m angry and I don’t consider myself a fricking mark, but what gives here? What’s the payoff? What is it? What are you giving me? You got beat 6-0. You looked embarrassed and you don’t do nothing for the brand. There’s no comeback. There’s no nothing. Why? Why? Why? You’re just moving on.”

Taz went after the show’s food fighting escapades next, “You throw fu*king cranberries and have guys punch each other with turkeys on their fricking fists. Stop this trite silly sh*t. Stop. I’m aggravated. You’re throwing mashed potatoes all around when there are people starving all over the world. You’re fricking wasting food. Green bean casserole and sh*t, all this stuff. It’s insane. I’m angry. I just don’t understand this.” Taz further drove home his point, “I don’t need to see fuc*ing Thanksgiving fuc*ing matches.”

Taz also commented about the evening’s announcing and what he believes would have been a better overall approach, “Have the announcers be serious that you lost six matches. Have them be serious and pissed, but it’s hard when Corey [Graves] is on both sides of the fence because he works on both shows. Have the announcer be serious that it’s really bad what happened, that we got embarrassed, that it’s horrible….have them be serious.”

Taz further contemplated having Vince McMahon show up to improve the episode, “Have Vince show up. Have Vince interrupt. I don’t care, if it’s on the tron or it’s just his voice. You don’t even have to see him. Seeing him would be great and have Vince – you hear his voice, almost like he’s pissed at his kid, even though his kid is a grown ass man. He’s pissed about what happened and basically – not physically – hold Shane to the wall, like, ‘What the fuc*? You better fix this. You can’t get embarrassed like that. That’s unacceptable.’”

Taz contends that there were many SmackDown fans angry over the episode and shared a poll from his social media account, in which 45% of respondents were surprised that no post-Survivor Series changes were addressed on the show.

(Transcription: Michael McClead, WrestleZone)

Readers can listen to the Taz Show in its entirety below:

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