Second Trailer To Justin Credible Documentary Released, Low Ki & Shane Strickland Face Off In MLW Title Match Tonight (Video)

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Second Trailer To Justin Credible’s Documentary Released

The documentary Credible, featuring the road to recovery of ECW Original Justin Credible has released a second trailer via Credible’s Twitter. The following is information about Credible is from the documentary website:

We are not new to filmmaking, Pro-Wrestling or addiction. We have heard the call and responded.

We hope if even one person. We hope to make a difference as we are not here to judge or be judged but to show the world that addiction is a very real problem and recovery may be the hardest road one must ever take.

This is a story of two very separate lives that travel the same road that happens to live and grow up 15 minutes from each other.

Is this fate? This is RECOVERY & REDEMPTION.

Our Story

We will be following the lives of two men. One a former Millionaire Entrepreneur the other a Pro Wrestling icon.

Two lives that lost everything they knew and loved, and One WWE Hall Of Famer that brought the two together for a foundation that will be unshakeable.

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Low Ki & Shane Strickland Face Off In MLW Title Match Tonight

MLW shared the following video online:

Months in the making, Shane “Swerve” Strickland looks to get his mojo back as he challenges Low Ki for the World Heavyweight Championship. Can the once golden boy of MLW reclaim greatness and gold?  Tune in to find out!