Jim Ross Talks Charlotte & Rousey: ‘The Most Emotion I’ve Ever Seen In A Women’s Match. Ever.’

jim ross

Photo Credit: AXS TV

On Jim Ross‘ latest Ross Report, JR gives his take on some of wrestling’s biggest topics of the moment including Charlotte’s match against Ronda Rousey at WWE Survivor Series and he takes a moment to update people (and joke about) his fall he took over the past weekend. Quotes are below (transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo at WrestleZone):

Jim Ross on the nasty fall he took:

“Last Friday night I missed a couple of steps coming out of a friend’s house at a function and it was dark and I wasn’t paying attention. I had a couple cocktails but I certainly wasn’t drinking to the degree that it would impair my walking. I just got in a dark spot and missed a step or two. But luckily, my face broke my fall on the concrete sidewalk. So a little concussion. No stitches. Quite a bit of blood, but superficial stuff (like getting gigged in a wrestling match, I guess).

I’m doing fine. Going to North Carolina this weekend – I’m keeping my commitments. The headaches are lessening. Thank goodness for ibuprofen.”

On the Charlotte Flair vs. Ronda Rousey match at Survivor Series:

“I was amazingly impressed with the Charlotte / Rousey matchup. I said on Twitter (@JRsBBQ) that it was the most physicality, the most emotion that I’ve ever seen in a women’s match. Ever.

Really impressed by Charlotte and Ronda. They had tears in their eyes. Their facial expressions were not contrived. It was an organic match. And e also need to recognize I think, the contributions that Dave “Fit” Finlay, one of WWE’s great agents, put into that match by what I’m told. So I was really proud of their effort. The story was logical, it was passionate. It was one of those matches where unless you’re too vain or egocentric it was just one that would suspend your disbelief, and those are few and far between nowadays in wrestling, in my opinion. They didn’t do anything that jumps out at me in hindsight that I said ‘oh my God, that took me out of the moment. That was horrible. Why would they do that?’ The facial expressions, the body english, the timing was a whole different level than Rousey has ever been on. I can tell you that Charlotte closest to that area because Charlotte had a great match with Asuka (who I still think is underutilized) and she had a phenomenal match that really set the tone for this Survivor Series with Becky Lynch. Let’s not forget, Becky Lynch has kind of set the table here now. Becky Lynch, in my opinion has superseded all the other women in the company. She’s the top female in WWE right now, which in the eyes in a lot of folks means she’s the top female in wrestling. I know that’s a subjective statement as well, but nonetheless, the Becky Lynch attitude, the angle with Rousey, the grittiness with getting her nose broken, or whatever happened to her face…”

“In any event, if it’s all done right, that misstep can enhance everybody, but as great as Rousey and Charlotte was, I believe it was because the audience was ready for it because they had high expectations. The women are smart, they’re great athletes, they [the audience] knew the expectations were gonna be off the page thanks to what, the angle with Rousey and Becky and the match with Becky and Charlotte (at Evolution, of course). So good stuff. And who knows? Now maybe with all the heartache and setback, you know, who knows, now this thing’s evolving it could be Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania in New York.”

JR also talks about Brock Lesnar & Daniel Bryan, his in-depth football talk and his special guest is IMPACT Knockouts legend, Angelina Love. To hear all that and more you can subscribe to The Ross Report by going here.