Shane Helms On David Arquette Death Match: ‘Sh*tty And Irresponsible Booking’

Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Game Changer Wrestling should have done a better job booking the David Arquette death match, says WWE veteran Shane “Hurricane” Helms. After reading Arquette’s official statement on the matter, Helms chimed in with his opinion and absolved Arquette of any wrong doing. “With all due respect, they took advantage of your name value and put you in a situation that you weren’t trained or prepared for, and it came close to ending very badly,” said Helms. “Regardless of whether you wanted to do it or not, that’s shitty and irresponsible booking.”

Helms went on to state, “A good booker knows what his locker room is capable of and books them accordingly, much like a coach does with putting players into certain positions on a team.” It’s a sentiment that the legendary Jim Cornette agrees with, as he said that it was “one of the smartest sentences ever written on pro wrestling.”

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