Natalya’s Ominous Warning To The Riott Squad: ‘I Come From A Family That Knows How To Exact Revenge’

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Natalya faced off against Ruby Riott in single’s competition on RAW, and managed to pick up the victory despite the Riott Squad present ringside and running interference when the referee’s back was turned.

She then posted a long message on Twitter about how the Harts like to present a smiling face to the world, but have a mean streak that comes out when they are victimized or pushed beyond breaking point.

After Ruby Riott made it personal with Natalya by breaking the glasses that her dad have her, the Queen of Harts exacted a measure of revenge by defeating the leader of the Riott Squad on RAW.

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However, she claims her revenge is far from done if her message on Twitter is to be believed. You can read the entire message in the Tweet below: