Wrestler Legitimately Knocked Out By Thrown Brick At Lucha Show

They say an eye for an eye leaves the world blind and this recent incident is a sure reason why.

Earlier today, Lucha Memes and Lucha Libre Boom streamed their Rumores Blasfoemos show on +LuchaTV. During a match between Angel o Demonio and Puerto Rico’s Cuervo, Demonio threw a large brick that hit the back of Cuervo’s head, rendering him unconscious.

TheCubsFan has more on the story here with the following tweets:

According to Lucha correspondents TheCubsFan and RobViper, Demonio claimed in a Facebook post that the brick shot was a “receipt from hard chair shots earlier in the match.” Cuervo has been hospitalized, with no further update of the incident as of this writing.

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