Cody Rhodes Responds to Jordan Devlin’s Claims Of Going Over His Time At OTT Event

Cody Rhodes

Photo Credit: AXS TV

Last week NXT UK star Jordan Devlin talked about how he wasn’t interested in having a match with Cody Rhodes. This was due to a 2017 incident at OTT’s “Being The Elite” show, where Devlin claimed Rhodes went over his time. His comments were eventually noticed by Cody, and he gave his side of the story.

“I was unaware we had times,” wrote Rhodes. He went on to apologize if it created issues for Devlin, and said that management never complained to him. He was told during the match to “take it home,” but he didn’t want to “short the fans.” Brandi Rhodes was more straightforward with her response, and stated that Devlin waiting to tweet about being upset rather than talking to Cody after the show was “unprofessional.”

Check out both Cody and Brandi Rhodes’ response below:

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