Team RAW Members Brawl Prior To Survivor Series, Major Change Teased

Team RAW Members Brawl Prior To Survivor Series, Major Change Teased

The WWE Survivor Series Kickoff Show is now live & has already begun with a brawl that may have major implications for tonight’s Team RAW vs Team SmackDown Women’s 5 on 5 elimination match.

As team captain Alexa Bliss attempted to motivate her team for tonight’s big event, by promising both a victory and ‘total humiliation,’ a brawl broke out between teammates Natalya and Ruby Riott. Natalya attacked Riott after she made the following remark, “We’ll get the job done. We have luck on our side. Speaking of which, Nattie, did you finish gluing your daddy’s sunglasses back together?” The remark was in reference to Natalya’s father, the late Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, who passed away this August.

As The Riott Squad roared with laughter, Natalya attacked Ruby Riott and the two brawled before being broken up by their teammates. Bliss was furious and shouted, “This is not how my team is gonna run. Nattie, Ruby, if you two can’t get along, you’re off the team.”

After hearing their captain’s proclamation, the two women began shouting each at each other, as the segment came to a close.

RAW GM Baron Corbin later stated, “When you have so many egos and you have these Superstars, your personalities are gonna clash, but when that bell rings, we’re gonna come together as one because they know what’s on the line….because they don’t want to be embarrassed again….Our women are gonna come together when it counts and leave here victorious.”

Readers may watch the Kickoff Show below:

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