Becky Lynch Compares New Wrestling Persona To Marine 6 Character, Has High Praise For The Miz & Shawn Michaels

Becky Lynch Compares New Wrestling Persona To Marine 6 Character, Has High Praise For The Miz & Shawn Michaels

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Luke Norris of Fansided recently interviewed SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and the WWE Superstar opened up about her starring role in The Marine 6: Close Quarters. Lynch co-stars in the WWE Films production along with fellow SmackDown Superstar The Miz and WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels.

Becky Lynch offered some comparisons between her wrestling persona and her Marine 6 character Maddy Hayes,

“So Maddy Hayes is very much a no-nonsense, do-what-it-takes lady. When I was filming this role, it was completely different to what we saw on TV with Becky Lynch, right? Smiling and cheery, just clapping hands and having a good time and then she changed and then be Maddy Hayes and there was a lot of difference. Now, of course, Becky Lynch is no-nonsense, doesn’t matter who it is, who’s punching me, I will fight them and fight everybody and do exactly what it takes, and I don’t care if I have to go to nefarious means similar to Maddy. So now it kind of relates and it’s almost perfect timing.”

Lynch believes the new acting role may have helped her in transitioning her character on SmackDown Live,

“It might have. But the other part that’s worked so well is that it’s all very real. The frustration with Becky Lynch is so real, like the frustrations of always working, always being the outgoing and showing a positive attitude and then getting walked over time and time again and finally saying enough is enough. That’s all very real, so I think that’s what resonates with the crowds. But of course, having a little bit of training beforehand helps. But the other part of the Maddy Hayes character, for me, you just find parts of it that’s real, which is kind of bizarre, and kill people. But you will go to the means necessary to get what you want sometimes. Yeah, no, obviously not that. But you find what’s real and you find that no-nonsense part of yourself and try to bring that in.”

Lynch also opened up about what it was like working with The Miz & Shawn Michaels,

“Both of them are absolutely wonderful. The way Miz navigates himself and upholds himself, he’s very much a leader. He was the star of the movie and he very much helps us with that, creating such a great atmosphere, and everybody loves coming to work every day. And then Shawn was just so generous and was just so unbelievably great in this role (Luke Trapper), just absolutely incredible. So it was just an absolute joy, an absolute dream. I loved every second of it. Shawn was very generous with his advice, both in acting and in wrestling, so it was phenomenal to be able to work with both of them.”

Can wrestling fans expect to see Lynch in more movie roles?

Lynch answered in the affirmative,

“Oh, absolutely. I loved every second of it. There wasn’t a single moment that I didn’t enjoy. I like the early wake-up calls … even the waiting around … the things that being in WWE kind of prepares you for. We have a lot of time by ourselves but we usually don’t get nice trailers. I love the whole cast, the whole crew, everybody was wonderful. I couldn’t give you a second of negativity from my whole experience.”

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