Jordan Devlin: I Don’t Want To Face Cody, ‘I Stick To My Times’

Jordan Devlin: I Don’t Want To Face Cody, ‘I Stick To My Times’

Photo Credit: AXS TV

Cody Rhodes recently took to Twitter to ask fans what wrestlers they would like to see him go up against in 2019. One common response was NXT UK star Jordan Devlin. However, that match won’t be happening in the foreseeable future.

“Pass from me,” responded Devlin on social media. “I have respect for both [referee Niall Fox] and [OTT management]. I stick to my times.” Devlin is referring to Rhodes’ one and only appearance at OTT Wrestling, which was at OTT’s “Being The Elite” show in late 2017. After winning a three-way that included Flip Gordon and Fenix, Cody cut a long promo about returning to Dublin and bringing All In to the Irish city.

After one fan said that they “had to miss [the] main event to watch the crowd kiss a ring,” Devlin responded by saying that fans “could have gone for a three course meal and a haircut while that promo was going on and still made it back.” Devlin, who won the NLW Heavyweight Championship in the main event of the show, said that he heard “a lot of people” missed the main event due to it, and it has obviously impacted his respect for Cody Rhodes as a result.

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