Steve Austin Says He Did Not Quit Drinking Beer For Good

Photo by George Napolitano/FilmMagic

Steve Austin was the subject of headlines last week when he said he’d been cutting back on beer due to his diet, but this week Austin said it’s not a permanent move.

On the latest episode of his Steve Austin Show podcast, Austin said he didn’t swear off alcohol for good, and it was just about cutting back due to trying to maintain a healthier diet. Originally, Austin said (at the time of recording last week’s show) that he’d been alcohol free for 14 days and had been maintaining an eating program and weight training, as well as his DDPYoga routine.

This week, Austin said his comments were misunderstood, and that while he cut back on the Steveweisers, he’s not cutting them out completely:

I didn’t swear off alcohol forever. Why in the fuck would I do that? I enjoy alcohol responsibly as an adult, therefore I will probably drink until my final day on Earth.

Austin said he was trying to burn fat, and he didn’t have any room in his script diet or routine to have any alcohol. Austin added:

To answer the question, to put all of the rumors to rest, and I’d hate to even go down this road. Everybody started spreading the word, my phone started ringing off the hook, people were texting me, people were emailing me or sending me direct messages. Some people were flat-out upset and heartbroken that I had stopped drinking beer. I had many people who are recovering addicts saying ‘hey man, congratulations on your newfound sobriety.’

To those people, I say thank you so much for caring about me, but that was a rumor. I’m fine, I’m on a diet. That’s why I quit. When you try to drop some pounds, you get down to your desired weight, you don’t level off on the calories and throw some alcohol back in there and go hog wild, but that’s what we did every year down there in South Texas, Kristin.

Austin said his eating and drinking habits while staying in Texas and traveling back and forth to Los Angeles led him to being unhappy with his physique, but his diet did not mean he quit drinking for good:

Long story short, end of story, I quit drinking temporarily to reach a goal weight. I did not quit drinking temporarily to improve my health or because I was in harm’s way.

This week’s episode, appropriately titled “Steve Austin Still Likes Beer” and all of the show archives are available on PodcastOne.

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