Lana Defends ‘Pulling A Punch’ After Seeing Blood During Becky Lynch Incident On This Week’s RAW

Photo by Joe Scarnici/WireImage

Lana recently caught the attention of a few fans after video of her hesitating on a punch during RAW’s melee, but the SmackDown star defended herself in saying she was trying to work safely and get help.

If Becky Lynch‘s broken face was any indication of the chaos that went down in that RAW ring on Monday, Lana is another talent that can vouch for its wild environment and what she was taught to do in such situations that went down to close the show. She went on Twitter to talk about a moment when she pulled a punch after seeing blood on the face of her RAW counterpart, Dana Brooke. Brooke, in turn, also responded on Twitter to commend Lana for her awareness and professionalism in that moment.

Lana was teased for making such a move, but the “Ravishing Russian” stood her ground in her decision making, noting working safely and getting help for her fellow roster member was most important.

The fact that Lana is getting remotely any hell for this is why some fans should shut their pie holes. This was the right thing to do and it isn’t her fault the camera caught it. Anyway, in the grand scheme of the moment, who cares? Lana is still new and this moment should be a credit to her awareness rather than a slight. Seriously, Twitter can be a horrible place sometimes. Relax, folks.

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