ECW Legends Join Storyline Feud At IMPACT Wrestling Tapings (Includes Spoilers)

Two ECW Legends Join Eli Drake Angle on Last Night of IMPACT Wrestling Tapings (Includes Spoilers)

Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Eli Drake is not only pissed at Impact Wrestling and Abyss for creating “an unsafe working environment.” Now the former Impact World Champ’s vendetta against hardcore wrestling  has drawn the ire of two ECW legends as well!

IMPACT Wrestling’s three-day TV taping in Las Vegas saw new players take aim at Drake amid his “lawsuit” against the  company, which he contends “endangers” wrestlers with extreme rules matches. On the final night of filming, Tommy Dreamer returned to confront Drake.

A war of words soon turned to a one-on-on between the men. Drake faced the ECW original in a match which soon evolved into a wildly-entertaining brawl involving ample “plunder” and even a cane stolen from an elderly ringside fan.

Later, while “The Last of a Dying Breed” cut a promo about beating the legends at their own game, Dreamer returned and another melee ensued. As Drake appeared to get the upper hand, the lights went out. They came back up to reveal a returning Raven!

The former ECW and Impact (then NWA) World Champion received thunderous ovation. Drake, assuming Raven was there to continue his decades-long feud with Dreamer, baited the two rivals to fight it out.  Instead, the collective “Innovators of Violence” teamed up to promptly dispatch Drake.

The angle appears to be part of the go-home episode of Impact, leading to the company’s Jan. 6, 2019, Homecoming” PPV. What role Dreamer and/or Raven will play when Impact returns to The Asylum in Nashville is yet to be seen.

However, facing Abyss in a “Monster’s Ball” with two ECW greats hot on his heels, the deck certainly appears stacked against Drake. He certainly might be a “Dying Breed” indeed.

Stay tuned.

Two ECW Legends Join Angle At IMPACT Wrestling Tapings (Includes Spoilers)