Nia Jax Shows The Damage Of Her Hand From Punching Becky Lynch; ‘The Man’ Responds (Photo)

Nia Jax

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Nia Jax slugging Becky Lynch in the face during the women’s brawl to close RAW had quite the impact not only on the WWE Survivor Series card and Becky’s face, but Jax’s hand was much worse for wear as well. Jax posted a picture of her knuckle and played off of the feedback she’s been getting for punching the “The Man” right off of Sunday’s card:

Becky responded to the photo with a fair warning and choice words for the recently turned heel Nia:

Due to Becky being out of action for Survivor Series, Ronda Rousey will now face Charlotte Flair as one of the headline matches for the show.

Many have been critical of Jax’s stiff shot, calling it careless and a mistake that’s easily avoidable if you know what you’re doing in the wrestling ring, including Wrestling Observer‘s Bryan Alvarez who has had his share of in-ring experience.

From Bayley, to Alexa Bliss, to Charlotte Flair, Jax has had a track record of messing up spots with talent in the ring, injuring them or putting them in harm’s way.

There’s no reason not to think that Nia Jax doesn’t feel bad about hurting talent and you better believe she’s gotten a ton of (I’m sure harsh) criticism for it on social media, but something like Monday is another bad moment for her. I love Jax as a talent, but there also comes a time when things need to be reworked. Now may be a good time  to refresh and re-acclimate considering the flip flop persona turns she’s been going through as of recent. It would only benefit all parties. That being said, this did garner attention and sets Jax up nicely for a feud down the road.

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