SmackDown Women Invade RAW, Becky Lynch Assaults Ronda Rousey Backstage

ronda rousey

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Tonight’s go home episode of Monday Night RAW had a wild finish. It began when Becky Lynch snuck into RAW’s backstage area and managed to get Ronda Rousey into her “DisArmHer” submission. “The Man” then marched to the ring, where several members of RAW’s women roster were, and looked as if she was going to take them all on.

However, the RAW women were ambushed from behind as the entirety of SmackDown’s Survivor Series women team stormed the ring. They quickly gained an upper-hand and then Ronda Rousey came down to try to even things. However, a quick chair shot from Becky Lynch kept them in control.

The show ended with Becky Lynch coming into Ronda Rousey’s own turf and embarrassing her. It was a great way to end the show and should get plenty of buzz leading into WWE Survivor Series this Sunday.