David Arquette Discusses His Wrestling Comeback

David Arquette

(Photo: Andrea Kellaway Photography)

David Arquette recently caught up with TMZ Sports to talk about his recent comeback to wrestling and possibly wrestling more in the future. You can see the highlights and full video below.

Transcription credit to John Clark at Wrestlezone

How he feels physically at the moment:

I have recovered but I broke 3 ribs earlier. I just had this surgery which was really intense so that took me out. I was supposed to be at the Northeast Wrestling Kenny Omega event but then I had surgery on my elbow (He appeared anyway). That is finally healing up so I will be back in the ring soon.

If he wants to be in the WWE:

No WWE is not the goal but I love WWE and would love to do anything with them. My main goal is getting some respect. That is the main goal. I called out Cody Rhodes so if I can get him to respect me I think I can get other people to respect me.

On his dream match:

Cody. He is one of the best in the world so if I could go toe to toe with him I think that would be a good show.

You can watch the full interview below: