IMPACT Wrestling Preview For 11/8: Final Hour Approaches, Cage Goes To Ohio, Jordynne Grace Debuts

The latest episode of IMPACT Wrestling airs tonight at 10/9 pm CST on PopTV.

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We have included IMPACT Wrestling’s official preview for tonight’s show below:

Johnny Impact Defends Against Killer Kross

Brian Cage Goes to Ohio

Sami Callihan had a plan and that plan was to embarrass Brian Cage, to thwart everyone to thinking he had Cage coming to Ohio to face him one on one. However, it was an imposter! Sami looking to play games with the X-Division Champion.

Brian Cage was not impressed at all and now Cage REALLY is coming to Ohio! Cage is going into the belly of the beast and Callihan Country to face Sami Callihan for real this time. Will Cage regret going to Ohio? These are Sami Callihan’s people, especially at Rockstar Pro Wrestling in Dayton, OH. Does Brian Cage know what he is getting into in the midwest?

Lucha Bros vs. OGz

Jordynne Grace Debuts

If you want to get to know more about the newest Knockout set to make her debut tonight at Final Hour, follow Jordynne Grace on Twitter HERE. She will look to make an immediate impression on the Knockouts next week. A powerful force to be reckoned with, Jordynne Grace will officially make her debut at Final Hour.

What can we expect from Jordynne? Should the rest of the Knockouts be worried?

Eddie Edwards vs. Moose

How will the rivalry end? Will it end? What will happen at Final Hour? What lengths will these two men go to in order to win? Moose has been talking about this match on social media and how he plans on ending the career of Eddie Edwards. Eddie is a different person now, almost super human in his quest to take out his opponents. Something has to give at Final Hour.

Eli and Joseph Park are Doing WHAT?!?!?

What is going to happen when Eli and Joseph have a live microphone in front of them on tonight? Will it be their Final Hour? What is the end game for Eli Drake? To turn the roster against IMPACT? To put an end to a certain style of wrestling? Eli claims that IMPACT is “an unsafe work environment” and wants all of it to stop. Will Eli get his way? Will Joseph Park be the catalyst for this change?

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