Details Behind RAW’s Main Event & Drew McIntyre Making Kurt Angle Tap To His Own Hold

Drew McIntyre picked up somewhat of a surprise victory on Monday Night Raw when he made Kurt Angle tap to his own hold, The Ankle Lock.  This isn’t the first time that they have fought each other or that McIntyre has picked up a victory over Kurt Angle as Kurt Angle help Drew become a top star in TNA Wrestling before Kurt finally left the promotion.

According to Sports Illustrated, the decision to have Drew McIntyre tap Kurt Angle out with his own move came from a collaborative effort by Vince McMahon & Kurt Angle himself on Monday.

The story, which Sports Illustrated learned was drawn up by Angle and Vince McMahon, was for McIntyre to brutalize Angle and destroy any hopes he has of captaining the Raw Team for the Survivor Series.

After meeting with McMahon, Angle presented the creative to McIntyre, who delivered in full force on live television.

“Kurt is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time,” McIntyre told Sports Illustrated in 2016. “To have Kurt Angle say, ‘I never knew how good you actually were in the ring until we wrestled,’ that just blew my mind. Then we had our second match in the U.K., and Kurt wanted to put me over and pass the torch. That’s Kurt freakin’ Angle, so it was unreal.”

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Drew McIntyre got a lot of bragging rights over this victory and he wrote the following about it on Twitter:

An Olympic gold medal, a hall of fame career. Accolades that would normally guarantee victory against a “normal” man. But know that I’m not a “normal man.” If you step into the ring with me, I will hurt you, I will humble you, and I will beat you. #Raw