WWE Superstars Reveal Their True Feelings About Ronda Rousey(Video), Neville/PAC Returns To Twitter

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WWE Superstars Reveal Their True Feelings About Ronda Rousey(Video)

Ronda Rousey has taken the WWE Universe by storm since her debut at the Royal Rumble. She’s competed at WrestleMania and has been a leading force in the WWE women’s evolution ever since her arrival. One of the highlights of her year was being the downloadable content inclusion of WWE 2K19. As of yesterday, all of the pre-order DLC is now available for purchase and 2K Games just released this video of WWE Superstars revealing their true feelings about The Baddest Woman On The Planet and current RAW Women’s Champion:

We celebrate the release of the WWE 2K19 Ronda Rousey & Rey Mysterio DLC pack.

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Neville/PAC Returns To Twitter

Around this time last year, Neville left the WWE after being unhappy with his status following an angle with since-released and retired WWE Superstar Enzo Amore over the Cruiserweight Championship where PAC lost the title to Enzo and was reportedly scheduled to keep losing to him. Although, it took a very long time he has resurfaced recently in the Dragon Gate promotion in Japan. Now once again going under the moniker of PAC, the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion has made a return to social media in the form of Twitter and he says ‘The King Is Dead.’ He returned with this tweet that received quite the happy reaction from WWE Superstar and Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins:


The King is dead. Long live The King