Titus O’Neil Says There’s No Ill-Will Towards Hulk Hogan

Titus O’Neil Says There’s No Ill-Will Towards Hulk Hogan

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Titus O’Neil was someone who was a little critical of Hulk Hogan after Hulk made an apology speech backstage at a WWE pay-per-view for being caught on-camera saying racial remarks. Hulk Hogan returned at WWE’s controversial Crown Jewel show amidst a mixed response from fans. Recently, Titus spoke to SkySports to say he harbors no hard feelings towards Hogan in his return:

“It’s not my decision who goes where, I support whatever decision the company goes with,” O’Neil said in an exclusive interview with Sky Sports. “But at the same time we are all independent thinkers; I have no ill will towards Hulk Hogan whatsoever.

 “He’s a part of the WWE family and as a part of the WWE family we embrace him and we’ll make whatever we have to work, work.
 “At the end of the day we’re all entertainers, we’re not politicians, we’re not advocates for one thing or another unless we choose to be and there’s not been one entertainer in the history of WWE who has been at a higher level of WWE than Hulk Hogan.

“Him going over to Saudi Arabia was a decision that was made solely on the basis of being entertaining and I know the princes and the fans over there ate it up.

“They wanted him over there before too and it was good for the fans there to see him and for him to get that rush of the crowd.”

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