Hulk Hogan Vows To Lose Weight After Looking Like He ‘Can Beat Up The Whole WWE Roster’

Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images

Recently reinstated WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan made his long anticipated WWE return at last week’s Crown Jewel event & at 65 years old looked to be in better shape than most men half his age.

Hogan; however, apparently disagrees. After seeing himself, he has decided to put the proverbial Pastamania to rest and get ‘serious’ about his weight. Hogan will be pushing to get under the 300 pound mark after he appeared ‘swole’ at the event.

According to Hogan, his ‘arms are bigger than most wrestler’s legs’ and he looks as if he can ‘beat up the whole WWE roster.’

Fans chimed in, of course, but not everyone was in favor of Hogan dropping the lbs:

One fan even had an old school suggestion for Hogan’s new weight loss program: The Deluxe Hulkamania Workout Set

As more people actually began complimenting Hogan’s physique, Hogan added:

Whether Hogan gets svelte and begins to resemble his leaner nWo days remains to be seen, although it is noteworthy that Scott Hall just offered the nWo’s services for the WWE’s next trip to Saudi Arabia.

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