Bruce Prichard On The Stephanie McMahon & Triple H Relationship, Who Pushed For Them To Be On TV, Chyna’s Last Days With WWE

The Stephanie McMahon & Triple H Affair – An Insider’s View

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Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson recently came together in their usual fashion for the hit Something to Wrestle podcast. Prichard, a former producer for WWE, opened up about what things were like backstage when Stephanie McMahon and Triple H first took a liking to one another.

On Who Was Most Responsible For Triple H’s Push:

It was [Vince] Russo who really pushed for Triple H to win the championship and was in his corner big time. He’s responsible for getting him into the locker room….[Triple H] was a hell of a talent that drew money. He was good.

On Who First Pushed For Stephanie McMahon To Appear On TV:

Contrary to popular belief, from my knowledge, the first person to suggest Stephanie being on camera was [Jim Cornette impression to follow in italics] Godda*mn Jim Cornette, what the f*ck is this big ti*ty Demi Moore looking bit*h doing walking around the house and we don’t have her on camera? Cornette thought she would be perfect. She was good looking, put her ass on TV. She’s a McMahon, exploit the name. It was Jim Cornette the first time I ever heard it.

On Vince McMahon’s Reaction To Stephanie McMahon On TV:

Vince was probably more protective of Stephanie than he was Shane; however, Vince also felt that Stephanie would be a better on-air talent than Shane. He felt that she had the chops and felt that she would just be a natural in front of the camera. That was Vince’s feeling, Vince McMahon.

On Who Produced The Storyline Triple H/Stephanie McMahon Wedding:

That all was Vince & Triple H. It was their doing. In fact, all of that footage was shot by Triple H and them. It was all just homemade stuff. I’ve been asked a million times if I’d produced it. I did not. I did arrange it with the Little White Chapel there in Vegas, the drive-thru. I got married there. Jim Ross got married there. Several other folks had wedded bliss in that establishment, so we did set it up with them; but, that was all 100% Triple H produced, shot, everything that night getting in there….the stuff at the wedding chapel was shot by Triple H and that was something he and Vince had come up with.

On Whether Triple H Had Backstage Heat Due To His Working Closely With Vince McMahon:

The Triple H stuff was – the effect on the talent – there was still a hangover from those who had lived it with Shawn [Michaels] and there was those rumblings of, ‘Oh boy, this is gonna be Shawn part 2. Triple H, of course, learned from Shawn and he’s gonna get in Vince’s ear and he’s gonna run everything.’ So there were definitely those kind of rumblings at that time because people never in a million years, going back to the first time that Hunter won the championship, people were like, ‘What the f*ck?’ If you were to ask all the agents and everything at that time, ‘Is Triple H the guy to go with and put the title on right now?’ they would have said, ‘No,’ and to the man everybody said, ‘No, we should’t do that with Hunter,’ but we did it and it worked. Hunter, by invitation of Vince who was like, ‘What do you got? Give it to me.’ And he did. Vince has given that same speech and same opportunities to a lot of guys, ‘If you’ve got ideas, bring it to me,’ and if he likes them then, by God, you’re in and he’s gonna take your ideas. He liked Hunter’s ideas and he took his ideas and used it. There was a lot of jealousy. There was a lot of people behind the scenes going, ‘Oh boy, he’s worked himself into a position. Now he’s put himself with the boss’ daughter, so now he’s gonna be all the way up to the top.’ There was a lot of jealousy and a lot of the guys were talking about that in the back.

On Whether Vince Was Open To Stephanie Dating Any Wrestler:

Wrestler was not even in the equation. I think that he made it pretty clear that he did not want her dating any of the boys.

On What Shane McMahon Thought About The Tripe H/Stephanie McMahon Relationship:

I don’t think Shane was happy and that’s me putting words in Shane’s mouth, but I don’t think Shane was happy at all. I think that Shane is very protective of Stephanie, very protective of his mother and if I were a betting man back then, I’d bet Shane wasn’t in favor of it, but he’s also not one of those guys who’s gonna go talk about it either.

(Transcription Credit: Michael McClead, WrestleZone)

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