IMPACT Wrestling Ratings Increase Nearly 10%

IMPACT Wrestling Ratings

Things were looking rocky for IMPACT after their weekly television show changed time slots, but this week saw a significant increase compared to last week. IMPACT Wrestling ratings were up nearly 10% (although it’s not really that huge of a difference considering how few people are watching) as it once again did a .4 rating and drew 105,000 people according to ShowbuzzDaily.

That’s up from the all-time low of last week, when the show drew only 98,000 viewers. So, while it’s hard to really celebrate a difference of just 7,000 viewers, it’s a significant amount for IMPACT right now. The company has been struggling to retain viewers, so any increase is a good sign at the moment.

It’s worth noting that the program was drawing more than 400,00 weekly viewers back in March of this year. So, it’s essentially doing 25% of the viewership as the year began. That’s a rough spot despite most people agreeing the television is better now than in previous years.

IMPACT airs Thursday nights at 10 PM EST on POP.

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