Fallah Bahh Talks Openly About IMPACT, The Monster Factory & More

Fallah Bahh Talks Openly About IMPACT, The Monster Factory & More

Photos Courtesy, IMPACT Wrestling

Fallah Bahh recently spoke to The Gorilla Position about training at The Monster Factory, making a splash in IMPACT Wrestling, and how his passion and hunger for more in wrestling is as strong as ever. Below are some highlights:

Fallah Bahh On Training At The Monster Factory:

“I started out doing a whole ‘savage, big man’ look,” he recalled. “And then, Pat Buck (of WrestlePro) gave me the new twist on the gimmick. I credit him with just giving me that change. That gave me more of my identity and opened a lot more doors for me, actually.”

“The Monster Factory then gave me an opportunity to put my little identity into the whole gimmick, as well,” he said, adding that he’s thankful for the platform he’s been given. “Those places like Monster Factory and WrestlePro gave me time to develop my twists and angles towards the gimmick.”

Fallah Bahh On His Relationship With KM:

“I’ve known Kevin for years, so it’s honestly really cool to work with him now. I’m looking forward to seeing what goes on with us in the future. I think it’s got a lot of possibilities.”

“We’re both in it for the long run… This is in our soul, so we’re in it forever.”

Fallah Bahh On Working For IMPACT:

“The call from Impact last year really felt like a blessing. Everything goes into place, like a puzzle piece. You wrestle all these years and have all these shows. You have a goal. You start to think that it’s never going to happen. Finally, it all just fell into place. Then, you just stop and breathe it all in… Like, okay, cool. This really happened.“

Fallah Bahh On Still Being Hungry For Success In Wrestling & Enjoying Himself:

“Right before I pass through that curtain, I’m literally a ball of nerves,” he said. “But once I go out there, it’s the exact opposite. I find that I’m doing something that I love, and something I’ve wanted to do my whole life.”

“I just breathe it all in. I don’t want to sound cliche, but you only have one life to live, and you might as well have fun… and be able to tell a story about it.”

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