Charlotte Flair Reunites With Tony Schiavone To Talk Her New Direction, Becky Lynch & Future Opponents

Charlotte Flair Reunites With Tony Schiavone To Talk Her New Direction, Becky Lynch & Future Opponents

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Charlotte Flair was a special guest on 92.9 The Game while in Atlanta for Tuesday’s SmackDown Live and she got to see a familiar face in Tony Schiavone. Charlotte was interviewed by WCW’s signature mic man and by Beau Le Blanc of 92.9 to talk what’s next for her on SmackDown, future opponents and the importance of the story in her rivalry with Becky Lynch. Below are quotes from the interview (transcription credit should go to Dominic DeAngelo at WrestleZone):

Charlotte Flair on what’s next for her on SmackDown:

“Well I think for the first time the audience is going to see self-doubt for The Queen and it’s a perfect opportunity to rebuild and I’m looking at Survivor Series. If it’s RAW vs. SmackDown, I want to be leading SmackDown to a victory cause I don’t think SmackDown has beaten the RAW women’s roster in the last two years at Survivor Series.”

On Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series:

“I think it will be armbar vs. armbar. That’s what I would guess.

On who she’d like to face that isn’t on the NXT roster:

“Easy. Bianca Blair, Shayna Baszler, and Kairi Sane. I want to face Shayna as a baby, Bianca Blair I think it would just be athlete vs. athlete (I don’t know maybe a heel against Bianca Blair) and definitely a bad guy against Kairi Sane.”

On potentially winning men’s titles like the Intercontinental Championship:

“No its not needed. I don’t advocate for that.”

On Lana’s development:

“Lana has come so far I couldn’t be more proud of her. Just her being with Rusev and now Having the transition working really hard behind the scenes to catch up in the ring, I’m looking forward to facing her tonight.”

Tony Schiavone on interviewing Charlotte:

“You know how surreal it is for me to be holding the microphone for you? I’m standing right here with Charlotte that I’ve known, gosh, forever.”

“Congratulations on the match at Evolution because you and Becky really tore it up. I mean you had to be very happy about the way that social media talked about how great that match was it was tremendous.”

Charlotte: “We just didn’t know how the last women’s standing stipulation would turn out because that is not a match we’re familiar with. So we know we have great chemistry, but that’s a whole different type of match. We just stuck to what we know works and we just told that story.”

On what she hopes fans take from her feud with Becky Lynch:”It was more the emotion that I hope people really remember about that story because whether you are pulling for me or Becky it was a very relatable story.”

On the use of weapons and match stipulations like last woman standing:

“No and that’s not something I would want to do all the time because it almost cheapens what we do. It’s easy to use a chair on somebody, it’s harder to tell an emotional story without things like that. I just know where the rivalry was going, that made the most sense, because it had been so physical, but no. I wouldn’t want a match like that all the time. Special occasions.”

You can watch the entire interview by going here.

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