NJPW Road To Power Struggle Results (11/1) Super Jr. Tag Finals Set

NJPW Road To Power Struggle Results (11/1) Super Jr. Tag Finals Set

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FIRST MATCH: Yota Tsuji vs. Robbie Eagles

They lock up. They trade wristlocks and hammerlocks. Tsuji locks in a headlock. Eagles counters with a headlock of his own. Eagles hits a shoulder tackle to no effect. Tsuji ducks a lariat and hits a shoulder tackle. Tsuji goes for a bodyslam, but Eagles counters with a low dropkick. Eagles attacks the leg. Eagles covers for two.

Eagles corners Tsuji. Eagles chops away at Tsuji’s chest. Eagles hits a double knee strike. Eagles chops Tsuji, sending Tsuji to the canvas. Tsuji fights back. Eagles hits an Enziguiri. Eagles tauntingly kicks Tsuji. Eagles hits a mid kick. Tsuji fights back. Eagles hits a series of chops. Tsuji hits a dropkick. Tsuji corners Eagles. Tsuji hits a flying corner forearm. Tsuji uses a Beel Throw. Tsuji goes for a Boston Crab but Eagles gets to the ropes.

Tsuji continues to pummel Eagles. Eagles hits a big boot. Tsuji hits a series of forearms. Eagles hits a Backpack Driver for the pinfall.

WINNER: Robbie Eagles

SECOND MATCH: Jushin Thunder Liger, Tiger Mask & Tomoaki Honma vs. Volador Jr., Soberano Jr. & Ren Narita

Tiger Mask and Soberano start the match. They shake hands to start. Tiger Mask trips Soberano and a slow lucha exchange begins. They lock up. Soberano hits a side kick. Soberano hits a springboard armdrag. Tiger Mask hits a Tilt A Whirl Backbreaker. Tiger Mask hits a dropkick. Liger tags in. Volador tags in.

Volador offers Liger a hand to shake. They shake hands. They circle each other. They finally cross cross each other. Volador does a handspring. Volador hits a hurricanrana. Liger sends Volador to the apron. Liger knocks Volador to the floor. Liger taunts Volador. Volador gets back in the ring. Narita tags in. Honma tags in.

They lock up. They trade forearms. They trade chops. Honma drops Narita with a double body chop. Tiger Mask tags in.

Tiger Mask hits a series of stiff mid kicks. Narita fights back with chops. Tiger Mask slaps the taste out of Narita’s mouth. Liger sends Narita to the floor.

Tiger Mask holds Narita. Liger hits a baseball slide. Tiger Mask throws Narita back in the ring. Liger locks in the Romero Special. Liger transitions to a Romero Chinlock. Tiger Mask tags in.

Tiger Mask maintains dominance over Narita. Narita fights back with a dropkick. Volador tags in.

Volador hits a Tilt A Whirl Backbreaker. Volador rolls up Tiger Mask for two. Tiger Mask eats a thrust kick. Tiger Mask slides to the floor. Honma, Liger & Tiger Mask head to the floor. Soberano and Volador hit planchas, one after the other, on the legends.

Tiger Mask and Volador get back in the ring. Volador hits a corner lariat. Tiger Mask goes for a Butterfly Suplex but Volador tries to take it like a Tiger Driver. Honma tags in. Narita tags in.

Narita dominates Honma. Narita hits a shoulder tackle. Narita hits a Vertical Suplex for two.

Narita locks in the Boston Crab. Liger & Tiger break up the submission. Liger hits Narita with Shotei. Honma hits Kokeshi. Honma covers. Volador and Soberano break up the pinfall.

Narita rolls up Honma for two. Honma hits a lariat. Honma covers for two. Honma locks in an STF. Narita submits.

WINNERS: Jushin Thunder Liger, Tiger Mask & Tomaki Honma