Lilian Garcia On Rousey vs Nikki, Seth Rollins’ Reaction To Evolution And Women Who Can Headline Mania

Lilian Garcia On Rousey vs Nikki, Seth Rollins’ Reaction To Evolution And Women Who Can Headline Mania

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Lilian Garcia, who is returning to WWE Evolution as a guest ring announcer, spoke to Uproxx recently about everything WWE Evolution, Ronda vs Nikki, the reaction to some of the men on the WWE roster to the pay-per-view, which two women would she choose to headline WrestleMania and more.

On Ronda Rousey vs Nikki Bella headlining Evolution:

Absolutely. I love the fact that they are headlining the show, but, in fact, I feel like any of the women could have headlined the show.

I just think anyone they could have put in that spot definitely would have stepped up into it because they have worked so hard for this moment and they’re all so very talented in their own way.

It is pretty impressive though to see how quickly Ronda picked up, you know, the transformation from UFC-style fighting to WWE wrestling… And even her facial expressions.

That’s the thing, is that it’s not just what you do as far as a competitor in the match and the athleticism, but it’s the telling of the story…

If there is a change in the way the WWE views women now compared to previous eras:

Well, I mean, I think when they started to see the caliber of athleticism, but not only – Just the way that the fans were taking to it.

I think that maybe the company thought at one time that it all had to be kind of model-esque, and I think when they saw that the fans wanted to see longer matches and started that hashtag “Give Divas A Chance” for three days, and really started to see that fans really wanted to see these women just really go at it, but in a real, powerful athleticism way and not just, you know, a cat fight, that’s where I think everything changed.

When the women were given the opportunity and then they stepped up and delivered in such a way, whether it’s the Royal Rumble match or the Women’s Elimination Chamber match, the ladder match, and these matches were so good there was no way anyone could say that they were second to the men’s at all.

And even the men – I love that the men have embraced it so much… and given them the kudos. So I just feel that with all that it’s definitely the fans that called for it and WWE delivered and gave them what they wanted, and it’s totally working.

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On how the men in WWE have reacted to WWE Evolution:

What I love is that the men that I have spoken to about it are all just in awe of the work that the women have been doing and they’re all applauding it, they’re welcoming it, they’re not looking at it twice or saying “Oh, she’s taking my spot” or anything like that, not at all.

They all see how much they’ve earned it…. Seth Rollins, when I asked him, “How do you feel about Evolution?” he said, “You know, my first reaction was, it’s about time. Why did it take this long?” And I love that. I love that especially coming from the man…

So I think it’s just going to be this beautiful synergy of men and women just continuously putting on amazing matches, and they just won’t think twice when a woman is headlining, and I see it definitely heading to someday headlining WrestleMania for sure.

On which two women she would pick to headline WrestleMania:

Oh my god, that’s an impossible question. That’s an impossible question. I wish I could say, but it’s just – it’s too hard, I would say, to pick right now. There’s just such great caliber of work, and also I feel like it’s one of those things that it’s impossible to choose almost a year ahead because so much can happen from now to them. And there’s not one woman more deserving than the other.

So I just say that whoever does end up headlining WrestleMania, congratulations. Know that you earned it and know that you also represent all the other women that were right there as a team to help you along as well, and so I feel like it’s not just going to be kudos to whoever it is… They’re going to represent an entire, you know, female industry. So it’s going to be powerful.

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