Titus O’Neil Reaches Out To Kids From Broken Families; Melina Reflects On Working With Mickie James

Titus O’Neil Reaches Out To Kids From Broken Families

Titus O’Neil posted a heartwarming, emotional message on his Instagram account talking about how adults shouldn’t give up on kids from broken families, and instead do whatever they can to show them that they are loved and supported in order to help them come out of their defeatist mentality.

The video he posted to his Instagram account shows him speaking to such a group of kids from the Florida Sheriffs Boys Ranch.

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Without love we don't feel anything. Without dreams we don't accomplish anything. Without God we aren't anything. Too often I see many adults that are quick to say that our youth are out of control and that there is no hope for some of them. Today I am going to say in a loud voice that those that feel this way about our youth are SORRY EXCUSES FOR ADULTS. I Was one of those kids that many never expected to do much in life and was Labeled a lost cause at an early age. I ended up getting an opportunity to go to a place called the Florida Sheriffs Boys Ranch where people from all walks of life invested in me and others with similar backgrounds. Single Parent, Fatherless and Unstable Homes. I was fortunate enough to have some people that did not have that defeated mindset of our youth and actually took the time&resources to make a difference in my life and in the life of others. For the adults that constantly say that our youth are lost&that there is no hope for them I refuse to allow your stupidity to hinder future generations of leaders. Ask yourself what are you doing to make life better for those that are lost broken or unstable and i'm sure that the answer is NOTHING!!So NO, Our youth are not lost&there is hope for them but you….What if I told you that you were lost as an adult and that there was no hope for you? What if I told you that as a parent if another individual has more influence on your child then you do then you're the problem not the child. You should be your child's first role model& first example of what love is. do you tell your children that you love them regularly? Do you encourage them,motivate them and allow them to be creative? Do you hug them&kiss them often? Love,Encouragement,Motivation and Development Starts at home,Church then School when these are all in order the chances of our youths Success increase. So instead of constantly screaming and beating up people mentally, Emotionally,Spiritually and Physically, try Building People up. You'll feel better about yourself and about those that others often overlook or Give up on. It takes a Village, yes, but if that village is fragmented by Ignorance Everyone Loses!! #ContentOfCharacter

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Melina Reflects On Working With Mickie James

Former WWE Superstar Melina replied to a tweet recounting the semifinals match between her and Mickie James in the Women’s Title tournament that took place in 2006 after Trish Stratus vacated the belt.

Mickie would go on to win the match and advance to the finals, where she would eventually lose to Lita.