Batista’s Five Greatest Rivals, Xavier Woods Meets ‘HBK’ On UpUpDownDown (Video)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Batista’s Five Greatest Rivals

After Batista’s notable SmackDown 1000 appearance, WWE shared the following photo of who they list as “The Animal”‘s top five rivals:

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Xavier Woods Meets ‘HBK’ On UpUpDownDown (Video)

UpUpDownDown posted the following video on-line:

Before hitting the ring, Zero runs into the legendary Shawn Michaels backstage — what does The Showstopper have to tell our hero? In the main event with his teammates Kurt Angle and Kane up against a star-studded team of Brock Lesnar, The Rock, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, can the WWE Undisputed Champion lead his team to victory as total chaos sets in?