WWE RAW Preview For 10/22: McIntyre Throws Down The Gauntlet, Is The Shield Whole Again?

Seth Rollins Gets His Wish

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Here are WWE.com’s official Quick Hits preview points for tonight’s RAW:

You can find WWE’s full preview HERE. We have included some excerpts below:

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Drew McIntyre draws a line in the sand: 

Braun Strowman laid down the law to Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre before their rubber match with The Shield: You mess up, you pay. Ziggler got pinned, and Braun got angry, but McIntyre had the last word, leveling The Monster Among Men with a Claymore after the titanic Superstar had flattened McIntyre’s fellow Raw Tag Team Champion with a Running Powerslam. The Scottish Psychopath notably didn’t help Ziggler to his feet after the confrontation — he just walked to the top of the ring and stared Strowman down — but it appeared a line in the sand had been drawn for Strowman nonetheless. Braun is known to take his time with his enemies, but with a Universal Title opportunity looming at Crown Jewel, can he afford to fight a war on two fronts?

Is The Shield whole again? 

… So goes The Shield? Dean Ambrose’s commitment to his brothers was under a microscope yet again on last week’s Raw, and The Lunatic Fringe sent the most overt signals yet that he was unhappy with his perceived role in the trio (he thinks he’s only there to be the wild card). Ambrose came close to laying out Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins with Dirty Deeds after a couple of inadvertent collisions, but Universal Champion Roman Reigns managed to right the ship and steer The Shield to a main-event victory that seemingly cooled things off. As we’ve come to learn, however, it’s best to take things week-to-week with Dean Ambrose, and it’s anyone’s guess what this week will bring.