Maria Kanellis Silences Social Media Troll

Maria Kanellis Silences Social Media Troll

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In today’s world of keyboard warriors and nameless avatars, it’s relatively easy to take to social media and hurl anonymous insults at just about anyone. WWE Superstars receive harsh bullying and often times unfair insults on a routine basis. Most of these go unanswered; but, after a social media troll viciously attacked Maria Kanellis‘ husband Mike Kanellis, she couldn’t just let this one go.

Mike Kanellis tweeted the following before and after photos, showing an impressive transformation since making his WWE debut and successfully conquering his addiction to pain killers:

Instead of celebrating Kanellis’ accomplishments, a troll chimed in with the following baseless accusations:

That’s when Maria Kanellis came to her husband’s defense and sent the troll packing:

After receiving the virtual tongue lashing, the keyboard warrior has yet to reply to Maria Kanellis directly.

Only six months after giving birth, Maria Kanellis will be participating in the Battle Royal at Evolution, WWE’s first all female pay-per-view. Mike Kanellis is set to make his 205 Live in-ring debut next week.

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