Updated Field Of Competitors For The WWE Evolution Battle Royal, Entrants React To The News Of Their Inclusion

WWE Evolution Logo

Last night on Raw it was announced that there will be a Battle Royal held at WWE Evolution where the winner will receive a future Women’s Championship match. This Battle Royal will feature not only stars of today but the stars of yesteryear as well. The current Battle Royal lineup looks like this:

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More names will presumably be added in the coming weeks. Interestingly enough, it seems but some of the main roster additions in this battle royal might have been caught off guard by this news. Naomi, Carmella, and Lana all tweeted out images of themselves with looks on their face that certainly don’t give off the appearance of being overjoyed:

Now, since no context has been given to these images it’s purely speculatory on my part, but I do feel like this is a step down to quite a few of the women in the match. Honestly, in my opinion, it’s lazy and for a show that is supposed to be celebrating how far we’ve come in the WWE women’s division I don’t get that vibe when quite a few of the great performers that you have today are just being thrown in a Battle Royal which is typically a sign of “sorry, we have nothing else for you.” Do better, WWE.