‘The Genius’ Lanny Poffo To Audition For New Japan Commentary Role

‘The Genius’ Lanny Poffo To Audition For NJPW Commentary Role

Pro Wrestling Stories released an article revealing that Lanny Poffo is making his way to New Japan to audition for a possible rotating color commentary role with the company. The following are excerpts from the article as well as Dave Meltzer‘s initial statement that created the stir. You can also listen to the episode of The Genius Cast below in which Poffo goes into details of NJPW:

Dave Meltzer’s Pro Wrestling Observer excerpt:

“It appears that Don Callis is likely done as an announcer with NJPW. Callis wasn’t called for the KOPW show and hasn’t been called about any future dates, they’ve basically stopped calling him but he hasn’t been told he’s no longer being used. Callis was unable to work several G1 events due to his schedule with Impact Wrestling, More than just bring an announcer; he helped put together the Omega vs. Jericho match that did big business for the company. The idea right now is to have a rotation of color commentators through the end of the year. The feeling is that if he’s brought back, it may just be for select big shows that fit his schedule. Jim Ross has been talked about for the Tokyo Dome, with the idea of using the live feed on AXS rather than going in studio and voicing it over. Lanny Poffo’s name has also come up as a possible replacement.”

Lanny Poffo after hearing about Dave Meltzer’s excerpt:

“I’ll tell you what I know. Michael Craven from New Japan, I met him September 1st at All In. He asked me if I would be interested in holding the microphone as a color commentator [for New Japan] and I responded, ‘Wow, that would be great!’

“I love New Japan. I’ve never been to Japan. Can you imagine that? Of all the countries I’ve been, I’ve never been to Japan. That is on my bucket list!”

When discussing the nature of what his role would entail for New Japan, he clarified, “It’s just an audition. I’m flying out October 23rd and I’m coming back November 4th.”

Poffo on the opportunities that came up after meeting ROH TV Producer Mark Brown:

“[Mark Brown] is the one who told me that Hunter Johnston was the booker [for Ring of Honor] and he gave me his e-mail address. That is how I got [booked at] Lakeland, Florida [for a Ring of Honor show back on April 28, 2018]. The Young Bucks came up to me [at this show] and asked me politely if I would be on Being The Elite, and if you look at episode 101, I make a cameo appearance. Now that took my career from life support to the mainstream. All of a sudden I have a pulse!”

Lanny continued, “I’m going to be sixty-four on December 28th and I feel alive now, I feel young. These people make me feel young. I love New Japan and I love Ring of Honor, and I still love WWE. Wrestling has been very, very good to me so I want to be good to wrestling. I hope so much that I can do a good job.”

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