Johnny Impact Wins IMPACT World Title, Austin Aries No-Sells Finish & Flips Off Don Callis

Johnny Impact Wins The Impact World Title As Austin Aries Bolts At Bound For Glory

Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

Bound For Glory closed in a not so traditional fashion as Johnny Impact won the Impact World Championship from Austin Aries in the main event. Immediately after the finish, which saw Johnny Impact win after hitting Starship Pain, Aries no-sold his loss and proceeded to flip off Don Callis. Aries then walked out of the ring, much to the confusion of everyone.

The build for the main event had been tumultuous at best, with Aries and Impact engaged in a series of personal barbs on social media and brawled during the Impact Hall Of Fame ceremony. Little is to be known if this is IMPACT Wrestling attempting to work the audience or not, but there will be more updates of the situation as they develop: