Cloud Of Controversy Over HBK Return?; 6-1-9 Returns To Smackdown LIVE

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Cloud Of Controversy Over HBK Return?

The Charleston Post and Courier ran an article detailing the mixed emotions of fans surrounding the return of WWE Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels. Rumored for weeks, the in-ring return of one of the greatest competitors of all-time in imminent at WWE Crown Jewel from Saudi Arabia. In addition to fans’ mixed emotions expressed on social media, there is the added controversy of whether or not WWE should even be having a show from Saudi Arabia.

When WWE ran the Greatest Royal Rumble it was not without criticism from pundits, fans, and even talent. An attempt to mitigate some of that earlier controversy with the Evolution PPV has had mixed reactions of its own. Now, though, with the recent disappearance and suspected murder of a Washington Post columnist in a Saudi consulate in Istanbul, the pressure is coming from the US Senate for WWE to cancel the show.

Michaels himself had been on the record saying he would not want to return for the money, but this appearance and indeed the whole show seems to be nothing but a cash-grab that has generated a cloud that many think will hang over the Hall of Famer and the WWE during and after this event.

Shawn Michaels’ WWE Return Drawing Mixed Reaction

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6-1-9 Returns To Smackdown LIVE

Cloud Of Controversy Over HBK Return?; 6-1-9 Returns To Smackdown LIVE

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A video posted to the WWE’s Instagram account hyped the return of Rey Mysterio with historic moments from his career, including his World Heavyweight Championship win at Wrestlemania 22. Rumored to be on his way back to WWE for over a year now, Rey recently appeared at All In and wrestled for NJPW earlier this year. The legendary junior heavyweight will make his return to Smackdown at the historic 1000th show this Tuesday, Oct 16.

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