Bully Ray Explains Why AJ Styles Is Placed In The Middle Of PPVs

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Some fans have complained about how AJ Styles is often slotted into the middle of pay-per-views rather than headlining cards. WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray pointed out that there’s a good reason for this on Busted Open Radio on Sirius XM.

“When they know there’s a match that will steal the show but they don’t want that match to overshadow any other match, they put it in the middle of the show,” explained Bully Ray. “I can tell you that from personal experience. I went through this battle years ago – me, D-Von, Edge, Christian, Matt and Jeff. We were always in the middle of the show.”

When asked if it was more about match quality than star power, Bully Ray said “He’s a big enough star to put on the cover of the video game…They do have faith in AJ, but with the matches you know his is gonna blow everyone else away.”

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We talked about this and plenty more on today’s episode of WrestleZone Daily: