Paige On Facing Her Past Personal Issues Head On, How Daniel Bryan’s Return Gives Her Hope For Her Own Career

Smackdown General Manager Paige recently spoke with Scott Fishman for TV Insider; you can read a few highlights below:

Paige comments on using her past to help others: 

“Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, any kind of abuse. With the tape coming out and everything else happening, I wanted to tell people everything.

I wanted to also take ownership for my faults. I wanted to own up to things I did and say, ‘Yes, I did do that. It sucks. I made a mistake. Here is why you shouldn’t do this or that.’ It was a great season to do that kind of stuff. I got to go to this women’s shelter. It was really inspiring. I really love this season. I just wanted to get on there so people could hear my side of the story.”

Paige says this season of Total Divas will show how much she’s grown: 

“I am at a stage of my life where I don’t want to take any crap from anyone. There are a lot of times when I was very defensive, but it’s going to be really good. Nia Jax and I have so much fun. I say this every season, but this season is my favorite. Its so great with all the women. You see funerals, vacations, empowering moments…It’s a crazy season.”

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Paige says Daniel Bryan’s WWE return gives her hope for her own career: 

“His injury was a bit different, but he is still a superstar to me. Here is a guy who did not give up. It took three years since the last time he was in the ring. It gives me hope. I know it probably won’t happen for me because of the prognosis. But I just want a miracle to happen.  Bryan is definitely an inspiration and would want to walk in his footsteps.”