NJPW King Of Pro Wrestling Results (10/8) Two Factions Expand

NJPW King Of Pro Wrestling Results (10/8) Live In Progress

Photo by New Japan Pro-Wrestling/Getty Images

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FIRST MATCH: IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship Match: Suzuki-gun (Yoshinobu Kanemaru & El Desperado) (c) vs. Jushin Thunder Liger & Tiger Mask.

Suzuki-gun attacks Liger & Tiger Mask in the entry way. Everyone Brawls On The Outside™. Suzuki-gun roll their opponents in the ring. They go after their opponents’ masks. The referee breaks it up.

Suzuki-gun take their opponents to the floor. Everyone Brawls On The Outsude™. Desperado puts Liger on a table and then whacks him with a chair. Kanemaru gets back in the ring. Tiger Mask breaks the count.

Kanemaru maintains dominance over Tiger Mask. Desperado tags in. Desperado gets a nearfall.

Kanemaru tags in. Kanemaru stomps away on Tiger Mask. Kanemaru locks in a Camel Clutch. The hold is broken.

Desperado tags in. Desperado goes after Tiger Mask’s mask. Tiger Mask responds with vicious mid kicks. Tiger Mask goes after Desperado’s mask. Kanemaru tags in. Tiger Mask fights off the double team. Liger tags in.

Liger hits Shotei on Kanemaru. Liger hits Shotei on Desperado. Liger hits Kanemaru with a a Top Rope Hurricanrana. Liger rolls up Kanemaru for two.

Liger locks in a Cross Armbreaker. Liger transitions to a Fujiwara Armbar. Desperado breaks up the hold and eats a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker from Liger. Tiger Mask tags in.

Tiger Mask hits a Diving Headbutt for two. Tiger Mask hits mid kicks. Kanemaru hits a slam on Tiger Mask. Desperado tags in.

Desperado dominates Tiger Mask. Desperado hits a brainbuster. Desperado hits a Spear. Desperado covers. Liger breaks up the pin.

Tiger Mask blocks Pinche Loco. Tiger Mask hits Tiger Driver for two. Tiger Mask gets Desperado on the top rope. Desperado goes after Tiger Mask’s mask. They battle on the top rope. Tiger Mask hits an Avalanche Double Underhook Suplex. Tiger Mask covers but Kanemaru distracts the referee. Kanemaru hits Whiskey Mist on Tiger Mask. Liger runs n and takes out Kanemaru. Tiger Mask ducks a title belt shot from Desperado. Tiger Mask hits Tiger Suplex but there’s no referee to call the pinfall.

Kanemaru hits Liger with the Whiskey Bottle. Desperado hits Tiger Mask with a low blow. El Desperado hits Pinche Loco for the pinfall.